About Us


Recognizing a need…
After spending many years working and consulting in the metal building industry, we recognized an unfilled need – one that we could easily satisfy:

Metal building projects are not developed to their potential. The result is often:

  • Cost overruns
  • Coordination nightmares
  • Delays in completion
  • Missed opportunities in building value (e.g. architecture, repurposing, life-cycle value, etc.)

Many steel building projects are impaired by misunderstood commercial relationships. This, coupled with the continued evolution of complex custom designs, and rigorous Building Code and Permit conditions means there is no single-source challenged to find the least cost path from consultant’s design to a quality, erected building. Enter Steel Building Experts…


Radically changing market…
Marketing of Steel Building Systems (SBS – formerly PEMB) has radically changed in the past few years. Project consultants (Architects and Engineers – the building designers) are specifying pre-engineered products for increasingly complex projects.

Large SBS manufacturers have developed national networks of dealers, provided with best-practice product knowledge. The manufacturer supplies an engineered product based on the information provided to them. General Contractors who are not in the network may have to buy from a dealer – their competitor on some projects – or struggle with complex product choices.

Steel Building Experts (SBX) has the product knowledge (e.g. cladding profiles and colours, compatible aftermarket and custom components) and technical insight (e.g. Building Codes and Design Standards) to focus the manufacturer to the project requirements or consider alternate scenarios (e.g. multi-point supply) and beneficial substitutions. SBX prefers to be involved at the beginning of a project but we are able to step in at any stage – concept, design, manufacturing, installation, or site review – to provide experienced, professional and timely solutions.

SBX’s Vision

Setting new standards…
In an effort to set new standards for quality, product accessibility and convenient answers, Steel Building Experts was established to bring together a broadly experienced staff to service this expanding gulf between what is required and what is constructed.

SBX can accept principal design responsibility for the building structure/envelope and coordinate with the other design professions that have been engaged by the owner and general contractor – we “speak the same language”.

SBX can bring the steel installer to the contract under the same scope as design and fabrication – we accept responsibility for efficient buildability and detail coordination right to the site.

SBX’s mission is to provide the Owner with a cost efficient, spec-compliant building while providing the Contractor with an economical project solutions by integrating the experience feedback of design, supply and installation.

SBX completes the System for your Steel Building project

Commercial Relationships

Building on strengths…
SBX has agreements with multiple manufacturers to permit choices that work with the strengths of each. SBX sources products from conventional steel fabricators and other specialty manufacturers (e.g. curbs, galvanizing, paint systems, overhead doors, factory insulated metal panel, deck, etc.) to complete an integrated project scope.

SBX understands that not every project manager wants to combine supply and install services under one contract. When SBX provides install services, we rely on experienced and qualified installers with substantial history and fully developed safety procedures. We can also help you find an appropriate erector for your project – even if we only give you the right questions to ask.