• Do you provide Steel Building System (pre-eng) construction or cladding system installation?
  • Do you have a crew with a documented safety plan?
  • Small or large projects?

Steel Building Experts (SBX) is actively pursuing supply/install projects across Canada and in remote areas. Although we are most interested in larger, complex projects, we accept exceptional projects of any size. In order to do this efficiently we require a list of “Go to” resources in many regions. We would expect crews to work locally but, if you have an interest, there may be opportunities to work at remote sites and internationally.

If you can provide an equipped crew of willing and competent workers, we would like to hear from you.

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    We expect you to provide your own equipment for most jobs. Some sites will require drug testing. International work requires a passport and clear legal background. You will operate as a subcontractor, not as employees of SBX.