Steel Building Experts (SBX) provides professional experience at the concept stage of a metal building project, when it is needed, for design integration, innovation, cost effective recommendations and design-build efficiency.

As a specialty consultant, SBX understands the product options from diverse manufacturers and can integrate custom designs into a manufacturer’s proprietary Steel Building System.

As a procurement company, SBX considers schedule and completion cost for all project phases including design, manufacturing and erection. SBX sources or fabricates custom components and pre-engineered metal building products from manufacturers with a track record of excellence for quality and delivery capabilities across Canada and internationally.

For Design/Build efficiency, SBX can provide erect/install services for components, renovations or complete metal buildings to support the General Contractor. This relieves the burden of both supplier/trade coordination AND design/manufacturing/installation challenges that occur. In combination, this leads to a positive impact on project performance and profitability.

SBX employs in-house expertise when selecting from the extensive range of products available from Steel Building System (SBS) manufacturers.  General Contractors can bid – with confidence – on metal building projects knowing that SBX has anticipated special project conditions and value alternatives.

This level of professional service integration is unique in the industry and allows SBX to ensure an informed process from quote to completion.

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SBX easily integrates as a design/build partner or as a specialty supplier within Divisions* 5 (Metals) and 13 (Special Construction).


SBX quotes subcontract supply/install prices to the Project Manager or General Contractor  that does not maintain dealer status with a Steel Building System manufacturer. Identify SBX in specification Division* 13 (Special Construction) for supply equivalence. We accept responsibility from detail specification to finish flashing.

Rooftop Access and Safety

SBX can develop custom maintenance and safety components for roof access. Fall-arrest or fall prevention, you can be assured that the installation will meet workplace regulations and be compatible with the building system.

Custom Roof Curbs and Sky-lights

SBX knows that there is more to a roof curb installation than the size of the HVAC unit. Incompatible materials and installation may void your roof manufacturer’s warranty. Structural separation allows a standing seam roof to expand and contract as it was intended. Proper thermal breaks and vapour barrier continuity prevent undesirable water problems. Let SBX bring the right options to your building.

Thermal Wall and Roof Upgrades

The typical metal building (MB) insulation installation may be providing less than half of the thermal effectiveness that is possible. New energy standards, sustainable building certifications and public expectations are driving efforts to improve the building envelope in new and existing buildings. As energy costs increase, improved new construction and retrofit upgrades make sense to the corporate bottom line.

Specified Metal Wall/Roof Panel Products

SBX provides engineered systems based on the specified commodity components per Division* 7 (Thermal and Moisture Protection). Working with manufacturer’s recommended details, we ensure adequate support spacing, fastening, water resistance, insulation/vapour retarder continuity, etc. to suit building code.

Roof Snow Barriers

SBX is aware of many styles of devices and assemblies that are available on the market. They do not perform equally on all roof conditions. When the project requires real safety from falling snow and ice, SBX can provide innovative concepts, components and installation.

Component Assemblies

SBX will work with manufacturer component systems to develop a building compatible, code compliant solution to that new overhead door, partition or demising wall, etc.

Renovating a Steel Building System

SBX can review an existing steel building system for modified loads or building expansions, design reinforcements and details. This is important for popular rooftop Solar PV installations.

Relocate a Steel Building System

SBX can arrange a full review of a building for codes and loads at a new site. This may occur when a commercial arrangement was not completed but the building was already fabricated or if a building is being disassembled and the other option is recycling. Some owners see a reduced carbon foot-print option as a value-added, sustainable development feature to their project

*Divisions per Canadian MasterFormat Specifications by Construction Specifications Canada